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Bravo Two Zero   Bravo Two Zero- US | Bravo Two Zero- UK
This book is the true story of operation gone horribly wrong during the Gulf War. An eight-man team of the elite British Special Air Service were dropped by helicopter into the desert of western Iraq, each carrying well over 200 lbs. of equipment. Their mission was to watch a road for military traffic and hunt for mobile Iraqi SCUD missile launchers. They were soon discovered by a local shepherd boy. The local Iraqi militia were called out, and the poop hit the fan.

Inside the SAS   Joker-20 Years Inside The Sas- US | Inside the SAS UK
Who Dares Wins" is the motto of the Special Air Services who in May 1980, in full view of television cameras, rescued 19 people held hostage by terrorists in the Iranian Embassy in...

  Fighting Skills of the Sas- US | Fighting Skills of the SAS- UK
This book explains a whole lot about the tactics, fighting methods, and organization of Englands premier Special Air Service. A must read for anyone interested in how the SAS goes about its duties.

Crisis Four   Crisis Four- US | Crisis Four- UK
First things first. I absolutely loved Remote Control. I scanned Amazon regularly to see when Andy McNab's next book was out and ordered it the day it appeared. I put down another book the minute Crisis Four showed up.

  Collins Gem Sas Survival Guide US
The SAS survival guide, is, one of the best survival guides I have ever read in my life. As a Boy Scout, I should know. It packs loads of information into a small, compact book. I would recommend it for anyone who likes the outdoors and wants to learn more about nature.

Immediate action   Immediate Action- US | Immediate Action- UK
He is one of the most highly decorated soldiers alive. He is also the first to break the code of silence about the most elite fighting force in the world. What Andy McNab has to say is so explosive that the British government tried to stop him.

  The One That Got Away- US | The One That Got Away- UK
Chris Ryan was a member of the legendary SAS Bravo Two Zero patrol that got trapped behind enemy lines during the Gulf War. This is the story of his trek back to Syria. It is an amazing first hand account of courage and endurance against extreme odds.

The Kremlin Device UK
SAS Sergeant Geordie Sharp, always a loner and a maverick, finally goes over the edge. He is sent to Moscow to lead a team training the Russian Protection Service, but the Russian mafia is trying to take over the country, and Geordie learns of their new presence in London.
The British Army: A Pocket Guide US | The British Army: a Pocket Guide:... UK
An excellent little book packed with essential facts that are always good to have at hand. A highly recommended reference text for junior commanders and soldiers alike. Provides and insight into the workings of the Regular and Territorial Army, both at war and during peacetime training.
cover The Gun Digest Book of Firearms...
This book is most useful for the study of marksmanship and tactics. It is especially helpful in analyzing how to deal with a threat in the home. It is well written, concise and authoritative. Highly recommended.