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"Death is natures way of saying you have just failed SAS selection" John Wiseman, survival expert.

The Special Air Service is one of the best known and most respected elite forces in the world today. However very little was known about them until May 5th 1980....

The SAS armed with MP5 sub machine guns stormed the Iranian Embassy, which had been sieged by six masked Itranian Terrorists, holding 21 people hostage. For the first time, live on TV, many people got to see and hear of the Special Air Service for the first time, as they stormed the Embassy, and saved the hostages. Only one terrorist escaped death, as he hid among the hostages....

"Actually, Your Majesty, I quite enjoyed it", Peter Ratcliffe's, ex SAS, answer to the Queen, when she asked him if the Gulf war had been terrible.

The Special Air Service is mainly an counter insurgency unit, but have had many other operations of various kinds, including Malay, Borneo, Oman, and of course the Gulf War.

"Take a good look around you at the people with you, as you probably wont be seeing them for very long"

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